We Moved! Fort Wayne’s office now at 333 East Washington Blvd.

Only 6 blocks away, if you drive past our old office. We are now at the corner of Lafayette Street (Route 27, our north south connection) and East Washington. Our wide open parking lot has easy access off East Washington Blvd.. Look for the white fence around the lot, adjacent to the 1 story white building, with our entrance to the office in the center of the parking lot, leading to Suite G in the center of the building. Hours are still 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, with evening and Saturday mornings by appointment only. It would be to your advantage to call ahead for an appointment time, so as to reduce your wait time in case both Brad and I are with patients.
This move gave us the opportunity to consolidate our office for an easier flow and access to services. With an increase in patient numbers, but with a decrease in repairs and re-adjustments due to the digital advancements in hearing aids, we will have more time to provide hearing aid evaluations and trial fittings of the newer digital, automatic technology. Call today if you have any questions or inquiries! 1 800 832 0290 or 260 426 3409.
Text or emergencies: 260 433 9111

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