Hearing Aid Specials

Technology to fit everyone’s needs!   Test “drive” hearing instruments in your world.   Improve hearing at home, at work, socially, with family, with friends.  Use them all the time or just part time.  Use them to fit your needs.  Hearing evaluations and trial fittings by appointment only.

2016  specials:   20% off Phonak premium level technology (SRP), completely- in- the- canal style, and  advanced level technology instruments.   Offer expires 28 February 2017.   Call 426 0127 (or 1 800 832 0290), or email us  for other specials associated with your viewing this website.   We need your input and we want to help you or whomever you are trying to help hear better!   Reference code:   09132016h                      Additional specials available at our facility(s).

Similar discounts with Widex and GN Resound premium instruments.

Batteries:    hearing aid sizes 13 and 312, zinc air premium batteries.   2 for 1 special, buy one get one free, $1.oo per battery, 6 per package, minimum order 2 packages, limit 30 per special (buy 30, get 60).  Expires February 28, 2017.  Payment accepted at time of order.   You must reference this website offer as code:  09132016b.

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